Myeasyjobs UK Graduate Job Placement Scheme


This program aims to help international students gain valuable overseas work experience in order to build more strength in employability. It is difficult for international students to find a workplace due to various reasons; such as visa permissions, language barriers and lack of real world experience. However, we do believe those students are intellectually competent to contribute to UK companies, if they are offered the opportunity.


MYeasyjobs will provide a suitable employment placement, which is related to the student’s major. This will help student apply the theoretical knowledge gained in Universities, into Real World practical experience, learning UK business cultural practices to enhance your future and successful career. It is also a way for cultural exchange between the UK and International Countries to promote business relationships and market penetration from both sides.



Candidates will be paid in vary which will be decided by the employer on the basis of general performance during the interview, or will get at least £13520 a year if they get offer letter under Tier 5, at least £30000 a year offer letter under Tier2.


Age Range

20-55 years of age


Language Requirements

All applicants must speak very good English. IELTS is required min 5.5 overall for the visa purposes.


Qualifications and Previous Work Experience

Normally undergoing a related degree, permisson from University.



Placements will directly relate to the applicant’s educational qualifications and individual desires.



Placements in recognized companies throughout the UK



All our cooperated companies are eligible to issue Tier 2 Working Permit for our students , some can issue Tier 5 ( Government Exchange) Working Permit.



                                      Myeasyjobs Application Process 


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